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The most enjoyable aspect of genealogy is getting to know those in our family who distinguished themselves by doing something special or by being someone special. If you are a member of the Terriot family, here's an invitation:  send us your candidate in your part of the family who you think did something special or was someone special. We are in the process of organizing a Who's Who working group who will review your nominations and will select each to be added to our "Terriot Family Who's Who" list. Send your requests to

Although I am only one voice, here is someone who I think is a good example of someone on our new "Terriot Family Who's Who'' list:  Dr. Louis Theriault was made known to me recently by Carole Spruce, a new delegate for our new "Joseph & Euphemia" Great-Branch of Van Buren, Maine. Here is Dr. Louis Theriault's story taken from "Maine Biographies: Excerpted from Maine Resources, Attractions, and Its ..." by Harrie B. Coe.

LOUIS L. THERIAULT, M.D.  -  Although coming to Patten (Maine) only recently, Dr. Louis L. Theriault has been known by reputation of his good work in other fields and needed no special introduction to this community. He is the son of Joseph E. and Euphemia (Farrell) Theriault. Joseph was born in the Province of Quebec, Canada, and came to this country when a little lad of only five years and has made his home here ever since; he is a merchant, a potato shipper and a cattle dealer in Van Buren. Euphemia was born in Van Buren.

Louis L. Theriault was born in Van Buren, Aroostook County, Maine, April 10, 1892. He was educated first in the town schools at Van Buren and then he attended St. Mary's College at Van Buren and, after finishing his work there, he went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he entered the Jefferson Medical College, from which institution he was graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine in the class of 1918. He immediately began the practice of medicine as an interne in the St. Joseph's Hospital in Philadelphia, where he worked for one year, and at the expiration of that time, he returned to his native town and opened an office as a doctor of medicine. He soon built up a creditable practice and had calls in many different parts of the county of Aroostook. He continued to have his office at Van Buren from 1918 until 1924, a period of six years, and then found it advisable to make a move. He chose Stockholm as the place for his office and moved there in April 1924, where he continued the general practice of medicine until March, 1927, when he removed to Presque Isle, later coming to Patten. He is an independent voter without identification with any political party. He is a member of the County Medical Society, the State Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He is a member of the Madawaska Council of the Knights of Columbus, and of the Roman Catholic church.

Louis L. Theriault, M.D., married Catherine Riehil, a native of Pennsylvania. They have two children: Robertine and John.

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