Monday, August 10, 2009


Received an interesting article from Gérard Thériault, our Delegate for the Gustave & Hélène Great-Branch. The article, which is from ''Le Courrier de la Nouvelle Écosse" and written by Damien Douillard, focuses on the recent work of Serge Patrice Thibodeau to translate the Lieutenant Colonel John Winslow personal journal written by Winslow during the Great Eviction from 28 February through 19 December 1755. He was encourage in this work by John Mack Faragher and others. To summarize the point of the article which is written in french, Thibodeau is able to detect certain aspects of Winslow's character based on his precise language and careful writing. As expressed by Thibodeau, Winslow wrote to be read... his sense of history is very apparent. Although Winslow finds his assignment distasteful, it is not sufficient in Thibodeau's judgement that history excuse Winslow. Whenever matters of state take precedence over matters of humanity, we may be guilty of crimes against humanity, Thibodeau says.

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