Monday, August 3, 2009


We've been looking forward to the CMA 2009 for the past five years and now, it's upon us! Well, we're looking forward to the fun and we're looking forward especially to the Thériault Reunion and of course to our 2nd Conference of the Terriot Acadian Family Society which will be held Saturday, 15 August from 10AM until 4PM. Later, we will help with the Tintamarre celebrations of course. We will wrap up with John Mack Faragher at a Conference on Sunday afternoon, 16 August. Sometime during those few days, we must take time to visit the Acadian Historic Village in Caraquet.

Our Conference agenda is packed and we have some great topics from the very beginning. We closed off our reservations today. Here is our program.

We'll see you when we return from New Brunswick!

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