Saturday, August 29, 2009


We are very pleased to announce that we have accepted two new delegates to our organization. The first is Lawrence Thériault who is teaming up with Marie Thériault Shaw to represent the Auguste and Evenie Thériault Great-Branch. Lawrence is a genealogist and in fact, is responsible for alot of the work in developing the genealogy for his branch. He lives in Nova Scotia with his family and keeps himself very active in the affairs of Terriot genealogy.

Also, Matthieu Thériault has joined our ranks to team up with Marie Lisette Turbide Medley to represent the Julien and Angélique Thériault Great-Branch. Matthieu lives in New Brunswick with his wife, Manda. (Check the history of this most unusual branch in our 'Migration from Acadia' section. You will find it interesting.) The two are expecting a child very soon. We met Matthieu for the first time at the Second Conference where he wasted no time to participate and contribute. Soon, you will be hearing from Matthieu regarding the continuation of a project that we started four years ago: our important Branch Photo Histories project. We need to continue that project for each of the 85 branches that we currently have in our Archive.

Following a short period of planning and getting our tools together, Matt will be in touch with our delegates to offer advice on how to start and then will follow-through by working with them to begin composing their Branch history... This history will be documented and kept in our Archive as well as published on our website of course where our children, grandchildren and descendants generations from now will enjoy this important work.

We look forward to working with Matthieu and Lawrence and we appreciate their willingness to take on our interests, our mission and our goals. Welcome, gentlemen!

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